Controlling FGID Attacks

I have FGID every day.  My stomach is never quite right.  Still, some days are worse than others, and after twenty years, I’ve got the symptoms that indicate a bad day down pat.  Put another way, there are things that happen that send an OH-MY-this-is-gonna-be-BAD message straight to my brain.  Here’s the short list for figuring it out (at least in my case). (more…)

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Best Friends — FGID & Kidney Stones

I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  But I can say this — the number of kidney stones I’ve passed in my life directly correlates with times when my FGID is at its worst.  Given that FGID is triggered by stress, it’s fully possible that the act of pushing  a sharp, pokey rock through a tube with a diameter of dental floss just might trigger my stress response.  Just maybe.  Still, I had a period of about ten years where my FGID was minimal — I had it under control. (more…)

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