Best Friends — FGID & Kidney Stones

I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  But I can say this — the number of kidney stones I’ve passed in my life directly correlates with times when my FGID is at its worst.  Given that FGID is triggered by stress, it’s fully possible that the act of pushing  a sharp, pokey rock through a tube with a diameter of dental floss just might trigger my stress response.  Just maybe.  Still, I had a period of about ten years where my FGID was minimal — I had it under control.



During that time, I passed only one stone.  Recently, I’ve developed a half dozen stones (thanks, recent CAT scan!) and my FGID has flared up big time.  There’s a relationship somewhere.  I just don’t know what.

I can think of a few reasons why this might be.  Somebody with FGID is probably buying TUMS in bulk, and that’s a lot of calcium to push through your system, more so when your FGID is acting up.  I can also see cases where “going liquid” might mean fewer solid foods and more dairy-based products that are high in calcium.  Of course, this only works if the stones in question are calcium oxcyllate (but mine are).


So in the interest of hearing from others — do any of you find that your FGID seems to “rock out” often?

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